Eraserhead, Adele Bertei, David McDermott, Real Estate Show, "Priceless Lies", O-P Screen

March Issue #1

Girls Issue: Alexa Hunter, Animal X, Cherry Vanilla, Tish & Snooky Bellomo, Vivienne Dick, Bush Tetras, TV Party

March Issue #2

Eight Eyed Spy Story, Eraserhead, Adele Bertei, David McDermott, Real Estate Show, 'Lies'


War & Fashion Issue: "Our Hitler," Hiroshima Music, Evacuation Plans, John Cale, Fashion in Wartime


New & Used Bands: Civil Defense, Manhattan Project, Love Of Life Orchestra


John Holstrom and The Death of Punk, Chris Burden, Slugger Ann, U.S. Ape, Werner Schroeter, Raybeats, Clubs Time Square Show, Club News


Sex & Video: Gay Shame, Chichi Valenti, Bart Plantenga, Lingerie Spread, Jesse Bernstein, Cramps, Comix, Snuky Tate, Times Square Show

September - October

Art or Fashion: Betsey Johnson, Patricia Field, Democratic Convention 1980, ABC No Rio, WWIII Illustrated


Foreigners Invade New York: Fashion Moda, Funahara, Aoki, Rudolf Piepper, Chekov, Kohlhofer, Fassbinder, Jacek Gulla, Jackie Raynal xxxxx


Graffiti: Lee Quinones, Kieth Haring, Slits, Dictators, Animals Living In Cities Show, PiL